Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ZOMG we can haz blog! Maybe. I'm still messing with a way to get this to work without it being godawful ugly. But hey, I think I've finally gotten it going! YAY!

Hmmm... what else is there to say? OH! Finally, after like three months of the comic being up and running twice a week, I figured out what I'd done wrong that made the navigation buttons not work. It's so shameful, I can't even mention it or fear losing what little reputation I have as a webdesigner 4 EVAR. I also fixed ALL the broken links to the cool side pages, which I didn't even notice until tonight. SO MUCH FAIL. Oh well. All better now. Go enjoy it, I had a bit of a giggle making the character info pages. It's the only way I remember how to spell the names of half the characters. ;D

You can make comments on this blog, so please feel free to do so! I'd love to know if anyone's actually reading this, LOL!


Zee Arteest.

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