News From The Front

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Darn it.

Still having technical difficulties. I bought a cheap scanner and got what I paid for - having a hard time getting the thing to work. Possibly a good thing, 'cos I, er, haven't quite finished the first few pages of the next issue. Serves me right for starting at the middle.

So, there's no new comics for a few weeks. I need a break. Keep checking though, there'll be more soon!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ee Gads!

The last page of #3 goes on Thursday, then we're all out of archives - and my scanner is still non-functional to get started on the next issue. So, there's gonna be a slight hiccup. For the next two weeks I'll be running a short, 4-page story I wrote a while ago for a local magazine, then after that... I'm not quite sure yet. Maybe I'll run the preview of "The Gyrath's Gate Chronicles" I did a few years ago. It'll be relevant to the Tour Girls story in, uh, two issues time. XD

Also, I've listed up the physical copies of Tour Girls In The 23rd Century #1-3 on TradeMe, which is like the New Zealand equivalent of Ebay. If anyone international would like to purchase, send me a bell on bluescar (AT) Each issue is currently going for $5.00 a pop, not sure what the postage will be though.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Poster Sale at Zazzle

Got a notice this morning from Zazzle, saying they're having a 50% off poster sale. When you get to the checkout, enter the code "zazzleposter" to get the discount. As good an excuse as any to go grab yourself some tourgirlsy posters, right? ;D

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Changes to the comic

Hi guys. Another announcement before the next comic is even up, but it's cool 'cos this is a really important one. I realised with a jolt this morning that we only have a little over a month of updates left before we've gone through the entire archive we had for the first three issues. April 2nd is the last day of #3, and after which I have a big surprise for everyone - I'm taking Tour Girls colour.

I know, for years I've been protesting that TG will never go colour, that it was designed for black and white. Well, I changed my mind. I'm a woman, it's what we do. ^_^ Seriously though, it's a huge step. I'm going to gradually start going back over the archives and colouring those pages too, with the long term goal of releasing a full colour A5 mini graphic novel.

After five years, I finally finished writing the (first) series of Tour Girls, just last week. I'm still in shock about that, but it rounded itself out really, really well, and I think that all things should be made clear before the end. Don't worry, though, there's still eight more issues to go, and even if I keep up the two pages a week (and survive), that's four more years of updates.

Then I start on series 2, which I'm half way through drafting. Jax's new hair is way cuter.

Anyway! #4 introduces several new characters, and much panic when Milla and Jax find themselves on the run and separated! Oh noes!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am so embarrassed. I can't believe I've been running this comic since like September last year, and only just noticed that the buttons on the front page to scroll through the comic don't work. Sigh. All fix.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

News From The Front

Scarbie's been hard at work, drafting out the rest of the storyline for Tour Girls and cranking out some sexy "new" merchandise. Actually, this stuff has mostly been available in New Zealand for a year or two now, but FINALLY the rest of the world can have at it!

At the time of writing, all my major print designs are up as posters in assorted sizes (in fact, Zazzle is so awesome that you can pick your OWN size!) and I'm currently working on adding the shirt and badge designs. Then I'll add some more interesting, fun stuff! You see, The Scarbie is struggling to pay her rent at the moment and needs to find new ways to make money. LOL!

Well, enjoy!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ZOMG we can haz blog! Maybe. I'm still messing with a way to get this to work without it being godawful ugly. But hey, I think I've finally gotten it going! YAY!

Hmmm... what else is there to say? OH! Finally, after like three months of the comic being up and running twice a week, I figured out what I'd done wrong that made the navigation buttons not work. It's so shameful, I can't even mention it or fear losing what little reputation I have as a webdesigner 4 EVAR. I also fixed ALL the broken links to the cool side pages, which I didn't even notice until tonight. SO MUCH FAIL. Oh well. All better now. Go enjoy it, I had a bit of a giggle making the character info pages. It's the only way I remember how to spell the names of half the characters. ;D

You can make comments on this blog, so please feel free to do so! I'd love to know if anyone's actually reading this, LOL!


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