Saturday, February 21, 2009

Changes to the comic

Hi guys. Another announcement before the next comic is even up, but it's cool 'cos this is a really important one. I realised with a jolt this morning that we only have a little over a month of updates left before we've gone through the entire archive we had for the first three issues. April 2nd is the last day of #3, and after which I have a big surprise for everyone - I'm taking Tour Girls colour.

I know, for years I've been protesting that TG will never go colour, that it was designed for black and white. Well, I changed my mind. I'm a woman, it's what we do. ^_^ Seriously though, it's a huge step. I'm going to gradually start going back over the archives and colouring those pages too, with the long term goal of releasing a full colour A5 mini graphic novel.

After five years, I finally finished writing the (first) series of Tour Girls, just last week. I'm still in shock about that, but it rounded itself out really, really well, and I think that all things should be made clear before the end. Don't worry, though, there's still eight more issues to go, and even if I keep up the two pages a week (and survive), that's four more years of updates.

Then I start on series 2, which I'm half way through drafting. Jax's new hair is way cuter.

Anyway! #4 introduces several new characters, and much panic when Milla and Jax find themselves on the run and separated! Oh noes!

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