Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ee Gads!

The last page of #3 goes on Thursday, then we're all out of archives - and my scanner is still non-functional to get started on the next issue. So, there's gonna be a slight hiccup. For the next two weeks I'll be running a short, 4-page story I wrote a while ago for a local magazine, then after that... I'm not quite sure yet. Maybe I'll run the preview of "The Gyrath's Gate Chronicles" I did a few years ago. It'll be relevant to the Tour Girls story in, uh, two issues time. XD

Also, I've listed up the physical copies of Tour Girls In The 23rd Century #1-3 on TradeMe, which is like the New Zealand equivalent of Ebay. If anyone international would like to purchase, send me a bell on bluescar (AT) gmail.com. Each issue is currently going for $5.00 a pop, not sure what the postage will be though.

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  1. Great work! Love the new site! Can't wait to see what happens next.